Anyone have Vivid Dream's

Hi There,

I’m just wondering :thinking: About dreaming.

My dreams have become a lot more Clearer, vivid so real and to the point of shaking and making noises. That my daughter has woken and came to ask if I’m OK…

Does this mean my YOPD is getting worse?

Thanks :blush: inadvance

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Hi Sandra,

What you’re describing sounds a lot like REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder, which is often a precursor to PD and actually what started me on my journey to YOPD diagnosis.

My body doesn’t release a paralysis chemical like it’s supposed to when I’m dreaming, so I’m literally acting out everything in real life what’s happening in my dream. If I’m arguing, I’ll be shouting out and talking. If I’m punching or kicking, then my bedside table cops it (I have the bruises….). I’ve also fallen out of bed due to falling off something in my dream.

My Neurologist tells me it is the hardest part of PD to treat, so we are taking a 3 stage approach. Stage 1 was stopping the tremors, which Madopar is doing very well. Stage 2 was stopping the Restless Legs Syndrome, which a NeuPro 24hr patch is keeping at bay. Stage 3 is being tackled on my next visit in January (I was diagnosed in July this year). Up to this point I’ve been taking Clonazepam and Melatonin, with only minor success.

Might be worth mentioning to your doctor?

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