Anyone in Newcastle?

Hi guys,
Brand newie here having only been diagnosed last week… so well onto the roller-coaster that it is and no doubt will always be…
Just looking to connect with people in the same boat at this point, I haven’t been given much info as yet and doing my best not to Google too much!!
How is everyone and how is it living with PD?
Danielle xx

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Hi Danielle, Welcome to YOP-X :slight_smile: When this app was being developed, the hope was that it would fall into the hands of people newly diagnosed, to provide a range of info and support very early in the journey. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions, and if there are topics not covered by the app at this point that you feel are relevant please let us know :slight_smile:

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I’d be interested in having an exerciser tracker with suggestions that could be achievable each day depending on symptoms of course…
I’m sadly finding my usual walks are becoming increasingly harder after about 30mins (left leg/foot really loosing momentum), as this is a very new symptoms I’d love to know if others have experienced this and how they deal with it?


I’ll ask our Exercise Physio for some tips and get back to you Danielle. Have you had a chance to work through any of the exercise videos on the app?

Hi Danielle. Thank you for reaching out. I was diagnosed in early September last year (day after turning 49) and still working through what It all means.

I’m sorry you’ve been finding more difficult to exercise. have you started on meds yet? I found my ability to exercise improved dramatically after starting medications. I’m back to playing touch footy and walking with an occasional run. What I have learned though is to take it much easier with my running. It is frustrating but if I go too hard my body really reacts badly- shakes, aches for example.

Best wishes

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Hi again Danielle, our Exercise Physiologist suggested a focus on specific left lower body strengthening work, and if you are able to make an appointment with an Exercise Physiologist in Newcastle, they can assess exactly which muscles are weakening to tailor a strengthening program for you. Hope this info may be of assistance :blush: Katie