Apathy and Prompts

Have you tried the Prompt Me tool under the Mental Health and Emotional Well-being Pillar? Do you have strategies that you find useful to push past apathy?

I just learnt to exercise with others on a schedule. I go however I feel.
But Brad McDaniels is researching this theme so look out for his research on this theme of apathy.
I recommend Tim Hague’s Book Perseverance on audible. So good

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Hi Christine :blush: have you found any type of exercise in particular has been beneficial in the management of young onset?

Yes! Gymnastics…well I’m not great at it but it does what I need. I got back what I lost. My before and after video is pretty unique. Professionals in PD are impressed.

If you are curious there are others on my channel too. I’ll be moving back to Sydney next year and looking for a coach who can help me.


Hi Christine,
It’s good to see you on the forum. I watched your video on the Insight conference a couple of years ago and loved it. I can’t remember the last time I did a handstand but I was certainly a lot smaller. I remember thinking I should try and find a gymnastics teacher with the patience (abundant patience!) to teach me…but then the apathy set in.

Your results are certainly compelling! It would be great to see a network of gymnastics teachers who could work with PD clients.

I hope you and your lovely family are safe and well and I wish you a safe journey back to Sydney.

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I have to say that pre scheduled exercise works for me too. I schedule my pilates classes weeks in advance and the cancellation fee ensures that i turn up whether I feel like it or not. Also, I cycle with my girlfriends every Thursday. They don’t let me wriggle out with lame excuses and the anticipation of the coffee and conversation at the end of the ride get me through the tough climbs! Having a buddy in whatever you choose to do whether it is exercise or some other activity does help to keep you on track. Especially if you don’t like to let people down.

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Hi Roxy, thankyou for your kind comments. Yes it is not easy. I was also very frightened learning to handstand. Dr Meg Morris was going to research gymnastics and pd but I don’t think it has happened yet. I agree a patient teacher is needed. Where are you based? I’ll be in Sydney but i hope to try few gyms first before moving nearby. But so many Factors to think about.
I’m happy to train my teacher.
Have you heard of WPC? I’ll create a post to invite everyone

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