App not remembering profile

It seems like you have to enter your details each time you open the app. I thought joining the forum would fix this but it didn’t. I must be missing something could you please explain how to make my app profile stay on the app?

Hi @nospaces

Just to clarify, do you mean you see this screen every time you open the app?

That is not supposed to be happening. To help us track down the issue, could you please let me know what kind of phone you have, and if possible what version of Android or iOS.

If you could also let me know what parts of the app you’ve used so far, that would be very useful.


Yes, I’ve had to fill out that form each time. I haven’t used any features on the app other than the link to this forum. My NDIS Wallet is 0% Complete. My profile appears with the information I put in the “tell us about you” section" but if close the app I have to re-enter that info. I’m using Android version 10.

Thanks for the quick response.

Sorry for the issue you’re seeing. As a workaround, could you please try the following steps:

  1. Open settings on your phone
  2. Open Apps (it may be called something different, on my phone it is ‘Apps and Notifications’
  3. Find YOP-X in the list of apps installed on your phone
  4. Tap on Storage and Cache
  5. Tap Clear Storage

These steps might not be 100% correct depending on your phone. If you can’t clear the app’s storage, then uninstalling and reinstalling the app will have the same effect.

In the meantime we will investigate why this problem happened in the first place and may need to publish an update that fixes it.

Thanks for your patience

Thanks for your help. It’s working now. I followed your instructions and also noticed I had permissions for storage turned off. I tried turning storage on first to see if the issue was on my end but it didn’t work, so I cleared the cache, turned on storage and now the app is working.

Glad it’s working for you!

The app stores everything you put into it on your phone, so that you are completely in control of your information. This is why the app requires storage permissions.

Thanks again for your patience :slight_smile: