Disability application assistance

So I am in the process of apply for DSP after ending my employment due to an inflexible employer…and was looking for advise…I have completed a disablity employment programme and they have advised Centrelink they cannot find me employment due to my medical issues…is there any assistance for people applying for DSP…I’m not eligible for legal aid?

Hi Rache, depending on your location, it would be worth having a chat to the workplace legal service in your state (they are separate from legal aid and are listed under the Employment Pillar under legal advice. Your individual circumstances will be taken into consideration. Pease let us know how you go and if we can provide further information :blush:

Hi Katie…I’ve had abit if a look and can’t seem to find the information you’ve mentioned?

Hi Rache, yes if you click on the Employment Pillar and then Tools you will find a list of Telephone Legal Services :blush: let me know if you have and trouble locating.

Hi Katie my app seems to be stuck in the discussion groups…

I’m on the DSP and can help. If you meet all the criteria and can provide the medical information they need, it’s not a difficult process. The two most important things to understand are what they mean by ‘fully diagnosed, treated and stabilised’ and how the impairment tables work. I can probably find more resources in my bookmarks and I’m happy to answer any questions.




Hi Rache :blush: if you scroll up to the top of the discussion screen can you see “Done” to the left of the address bar? If you click on this it takes you back to the home screen :blush: