DNA & Genetic Testing/Markers

Hi, I was interested to know if anyone had done health DNA tests like those from brain labs, and if they found them useful generally or particularly for Parkinsons - that is when you know you already have it. I keep being asked if family members had it but I don’t know, so was looking at finding out who my family are via DNA ancestry test, but stumbled across these health DNA tests whilst I was here, which claim to identify PD genes.
Also are there any national or international research projects collecting DNA from YOP looking for the specific PD genes? I would be interested in contributing.

When I was prescribed Madopar I got a letter asking me to provide a sample for research into PD and genes. I think the PBS linked to some health service. It might have been state (WA) and not federal though. I forgot about it until now because my diagnosis came after I got the letter.

I was tested for the known genetic variant during the diagnostic process and don’t have the associated mutation but I do have family, on both sides who have PD and YOPD.

I did it through my local hospital but they only wanted to do it if I had pd relative. They found nothing re known mutations or pd. Genes