Exercise Experiences

Have you noticed changes in your day-to-day functioning as a result of exercise? This is an area we will be exploring more as we develop resources for the YOP-X website, so we would love to hear your experiences :blush:

The first change for me was a massive improvement to my balance. With exercise I turned the clock back on that symptom by over ten years. I’ve also found exercise increased the effectiveness of the levodopa. Madopar made it so I was able to exercise and the exercise made it so the on off fluctuations were less severe. One of the most important things I’ve noticed is that the benefit of exercise carries over for some time but will gradually diminish if I go too long without exercise. I do different exercises for different symptoms.


I find exercise really valuable, not only physically but also cognitively. I am fortunate to do PD Warrior classes with other PD clients and we also have a coffee after most sessions.
I do a PT session weekly at another gym, play tennis occasionally and row or bike on an Erg several times each week. Although I may be feeling tired, exercise gives me more energy. Uploading: image.jpg…


I have recently started Pilates and hydrotherapy and can feel an improvement in my flexibility already. Both push me which I love.

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