Leg cramp while driving

Has anyone faced leg pins and needles cramps while driving how to get rid off them while driving

hi Marshall, Started with pain across my shoulders, then stop putting on my seat belt (bad left hand), putting my right hand through the steering wheel to change the indicator, because my left hand couldn’t do it, then cramp in my legs…finally got pulled over by friendly police who followed me home. The next day, my GP said " I think you have Parkinson’s, I would like to be proven wrong…that was the last time I drove a car, September 2015.

Hi Marshall
That happens to me occasionally and I find the best thing to do is to pull over to a safe place as soon as possible and just wait until it passes.
If it happens on a regular basis then definitely speak to your GP or Neurologist about it.
On a side note, magnesium supplements may also help with muscle cramping and spasms.

Hi there. I found that I experienced a lot of cramping in my feet prior to starting levadopa cardidopa. At times it was excruciating and I had to wait it up. I’ll also sometimes get a sensation like an electrified spiders web up my leg which is not painful but bizarre. My cramping is much better now but I still get foot pain. Good luck.