NDIS first planning session

Just wondered if anyone happy to share ideas that they put in their planning session. Have been accepted for NDIS and now have planning meeting on Monday. I’ve heard the first planning session is the most important one.
Any ideas welcome,! Thanks


It’s import to think about both short term and long term goals in areas like health and well being, mobility, balance and strength, support around the home like help with gardening or spring cleaning and other assistance you may need in order to remain in your home for as long as possible. Also if you’re involved in any community activities and hobbies and would like to remain involved as long as possible make sure to mention these as you can also receive assistance for this

Once your plan is approved NDIS will allocate you a budget. Then you need to choose an occupational therapist who will visit you at home (unless you’re in lockdown) and make an assessment on how to implement your budget. Don’t stress too much they will help you and even come up with ideas you never even thought about that will help to make your life easier and safer.

It’s all a bit daunting at first but as you get through each stage you’ll be assured that there’s lots of support available if you need it.

Hope this has been helpful.

All the best! :relaxed:



I just had mine and it went well from the meeting point of view. I am still waiting for the outcome. I just made sure that everything I was asking for. related to my goals long and short term,. I included everything from social , work, family, and related a lot of it around remaining as independent as I couldn’t for as long as I could.

The lady I met with had suggestions and prompted questions to help at times which was great. I made notes in the planning booklet. Refer to you notes and if you did the goals section of the YOPX app have them handy.

Good luck