NDIS Step-By-Step

Do you have any questions that haven’t been answered by our Step-By-Step NDIS? Let us know and we can follow up for you :blush:

Can you please explain the relevance of the WHO Disability Assessment score. If my overall score is only around 50%, would an NDIS application be rejected? What if my score is high in one category but low overall, can I still apply?

Do all LAC in Adelaide use the WHO Disability Assessment score?

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Welcome Roxy. I’ll chat with our Occupational Therapist to find out how the scores are viewed in an NDIS application and get back to you ASAP, and I’ll also organise for additional information to be included in the Step-By-Step around the scoring results. Many thanks :blush:

Hi Roxy, Just a follow-up on your question regarding scores that the NDIS Wallet captures and whether to include if you may not have scored highly overall. As individual domains are assessed, our Occupational Therapist has recommended for all scores to be provided to the professional who will assist with compiling your application, whether that is an Occupational Therapist or NDIS Staff. They will be able to determine if any scores should be left out.And yes these scoring systems are used nationally. Let me know if you have any questions :blush:

Hi there. I’m sorry but where is the step-by-step guide for NDIS? I’m feeling dopey as I can’t see it here. What am I doing wrong?

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Thanks so much for letting us know Sonya! :blush:
The step by step guide is on the YOP-X website at
And thanks for bringing this to our attention because we can build in a link from the App to the step by step guide :blush:
Let us know if you have any difficulty finding it on the website! Katie