New device improves walking - please help with co-design

Join David Cox (living with Parkinson’s) and me (neuroscientist and engineer) as we take you through the process of developing a revolutionary non-invasive medical device to treat motor impairment and share our vision to help 10-million people with Parkinson’s walk with confidence!

We are now seeking to engage more people living with Parkinson’s and their community in the co-design of the next generation of medical device to help people walk. To do this we have developed the following short multi-choice online survey, please complete:

The more input we get, the better we can meet everyone’s needs.

For more information please join our virtual research forum event hosted by SHAKE IT UP AUSTRALIA FOUNDATION.

DATE: Thursday 15 July 2021
TIME: 5.00pm till 6.00pm AEDT


We are pleased to welcome Dr Matthew A. Brodie from UNSW Founders, Tyree IHealthE, and Walking Tall Health as the guest presenter at our July Virtual Research Forum:

Dr Brodie will talk about his amazing research using peripheral neuronal stimulation to help people with Parkinson’s walk. Participants will be invited to complete an online survey together during the forum to seek feedback from as many people as possible early in the design stages so that the final medical device is appropriate to people’s needs. Following the survey, there will be time for further questions and discussion.

Dr Brodie, a neuroscientist and engineer, is a senior lecturer at UNSW’s Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, former NHMRC fellow and former New Zealand young scientist of the year (future science and technology).

He made a breakthrough discovery that, in small pilot studies, has profoundly improved the walking ability of some people living with Parkinson’s. The resulting “Marathon” bands were recently used by David Cox (a person living with Parkinson’s) for the first time for a [42km marathon walk (from Bondi to Manly) to raise money for Shake It Up Australia]

With funding from Shake It Up Australia Foundation, Dr Brodie is about to start a randomised controlled trial comparing active neuronal stimulation technology imbedded into smart socks, with a traditional exercise program called Mobility Plus combined with a passive stimulation socks.

I look forward to seeing you all there!