Relationship Videos

There are currently five Relationship videos under the Relationships , Sex and Intimacy Pillar of the App. Please let us know if there are other topics you would like to see covered :blush:

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Hi Kathy

For some reason I cant find those 5 videos about relationship
Can you show me please​:slightly_smiling_face::blossom:

Hi Gordan :blush: When you click on the Relationships, Sex and Intimacy Pillar there is a section called Helpful Tips, and you’ll find all the videos there.

I cannot find any videos Katie. I must be having a Parkinson’s blonde moment.

Hi Dan :slight_smile: no worries at all. When you go into the Relationships, Sex and Intimacy section on the homepage of the app, you’ll see a title called Helpful Tips and you will find the videos there. Would love to hear if you find them useful, or if there are any other topics you think are important :slight_smile: Katie

From here?

Hi Dan :slight_smile: so you will need to exit the Discussion Forum to access the App sections. At the top left of the Discussion Forum pages you should see “Done” so if you click on that it should take you back to the App homepage to click on the Relationships, Sex and Intimacy section :slight_smile:

I found the videos but have to close the app to get to the “main menu”, there is definately no "done"button or any way to exit the discussion area.