Support Person Statement

I sent my husband the template for this statement but he only received an email with a summary of what the statement outlines and a prompt to download the app.
I got the impression the link would be to a step by step template as per the questions I answered in the NDIS Wallet - is there that option? Or is it just the summary and we create our own statement from there?

Welcome to the forum and thanks for letting us know that the list for what to include in the statement is not coming up in template form. The steps from 1 - 4 that are listed are what to include in the statement, so I’ll check with our developers to make sure these come up in a template that can be written in. Many thanks, Katie

I had much the same experience. It is a big deal for me as my partner did not sign up for Parkinson’s and I am hoping to minimise the impact on her lifestyle

Welcome Graystation :slightly_smiling_face: Yes in our initial partner consultations last year, the feelings you have mentioned were a common thread. We developed the initial Relationships, Sex and Intimacy videos on the app to start exploring some of these issues. We will be doing a deeper dive this year into ways to support partners, if you or your partner would be interested in answering questions online.