TPD Terminally Permanently Disabled

Hi, has anyone ever gone though the process of getting there TPD? I’m just wanting someone that has experiences to chat to.

Hi Sandra, i was diagnosed in 2015, started the TPD process in early 2016, took over 18 months to settle. The single most important learning: Whoever you put-down as your doctors including GP, ask them for a copy of what they have on your file, as this is what the insurance legal look at, trying to find a medical condition/discussion that you didn’t disclose in your application. cheers/Stephen

Thanks :pray: Stephen :blush: So you were happy with the results? Is there anything we should know?

3rd attempt, no thanks to parkinsons
I was happy with the outcome. Would have ended up on the street without it.
I would advise having a financial advisor with authority to act on your behalf as the process can be full-on when your also dealing with Parkinson’s.

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Hi Sandra,

I have had success in accessing a modest insurance payment via my superannuation fund. I was fortunate enough to get an investment advisor to undertake the early negotiations, on a pro bono basis. The pay-off for the advisor, being that he now manages my fund.

The best advice the advisor gave me in the early stages, was to keep paying the insurance premium associated with my super and to “freeze” the amount I was insured for, as this would normally decrease annually, once you reach a certain age. The downside of maintaining (freezing) my insurance payout amount, was an increase in premiums.

The other obstacle was getting a neurologist to sign my Certificate of Incapacity, for my TPD insurance claim even though I clearly met the criteria.

As far as access to a Centrelink DSP, from Services Australia, I have not been successful, with zero from one attempt. It is a drawn out process, which seems to be designed to discourage even genuine applicants from going ahead.

Good luck,

Hi all

I recently went through all my options including partial invalidity pension. My superfund will pay me a pension from 55 in general, if I go out on invalidity I get what I would have gotten at 60. Partial has limits, with no personal leave allowed to build up, which is nuts . Full invalidity pension meant I couldn’t work again. I opted to purchase leave and have every Friday off. I will look at it again next year. I’m nearly 56 now but have a mortgage and single income house hold.

hi JenH. Did you scope all this out with your superannuation provider? I’m a little nervous about opening up this conversation. I turned 50 this year and hope to keep working for some time yet if my body and brain can hold up. I’d like to explore what the partial invalidity pension is like etc but don’t know where to start.

Were you also able to access income protection payments as well? I understand that some people have access income protection as well as TPD. These are all important considerations for me given I still have a child in primary school and the financial implications of not being able to work when children are still in school is scary.

any advice appreciated.

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