YOP on the Gold Coast

Good morning.I have just moved to the Gold Coast.Does anyone know of any YOP groups getting together here?

Hi @Danas,
Not currently aware of face to face gatherings on the Gold Coast. An online Zoom Group has started for YOP by Parkinson’s Queensland. The registration link for sessions for the rest of the year is at Meeting Registration - Zoom

Hi there, I live on the Gold Coast also but I’ve only been diagnosed in March, if I hear anything I will let you know.

Hey Dana, did you find any groups to join? I’m happy to meet up with you if wanting to chat to someone going through the same as you. Personal message me on messenger if keen. (Kirin Hillyer)

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Thank you for your message. Dana and I are meeting up on Monday if you would like to join us. (Message me on Facebook and I will give you the details) would love to hear your story.
Kirin Hillyer

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I am on Gold Coast in Coolangatta fb Gordan m

Hi Gordan
Dana here. I thought you might want to know that there’s a physiotherapist specialising in PD (Sarah Farliw) working with this free surfing group -Waves of Wellness. They meet on Thursday mornings at Kirra Beach. I went for an attempt to surf on Thursday with her and found her support fantastic. Felt amazing after being in the waves. Can provide details if you want.